Jesse Fully Funded

10 Neurofeedback sessions
Anxiety, depression, sleep, gut health, pain
Neurvana Health
Follow Up Consultation
Calgary, AB

$112.00 of $1,400.00 funded

  • Jesse's Story

    My story started with 15 years of alcoholism, this was a very hard time for me with a lot of traumatic experiences. I have since sobered up for just over two years, but my health did not get better. I started getting extreme fatique, and pain in my upper abdomen and then radiating through to my back and shoulders. I have also lost a lot of weight, too much! I have tried many prescriptions and tests. I also had my gallbladder removed as the doctor reccomended it, this made everything worse. I now get worse pain, more fatigue, worse sleep and anxiety with bouts of depression. I am in a lot of debt from having to cut back on work and I am eager to be healthy again so I can be a strong husband and father.

    How will this treatment impact Jesse's life?

    I believe it will give me the answers I have not recieved from our conventional medical system. I am young with a young family and my quality of life is poor.

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