Trudy #5 in The Small Q

Multiple Conditions including severe chronic pain, anxiety, ADHD,
Estimated Funding Date June 3, 2020
Diamond H Wellness
9 Pack - 9 Sessions of your choice with Christina
Saskatoon, SK

$153.00 of $612.00 funded

  • Trudy's Story

    Diagnosed with anxiety and chest wall pain at age 7 life has become a constant battle with chronic pain, anxiety, anger and depression. Trudy also suffers from numerous other medical conditions including an ulcer, femoral acetibulaor inpingment (no cartilage between her bones), ADHD, anemia, post traumatic stress, and multiple surgeries. Trudy is a dedicated and passionate mom of three. She has educated herself about her conditions and has tried numerous treatments. Trudy is very motivated to improve her health and well being so she can return to work and be there for her family.

    How will this treatment impact Trudy's life?

    Trudy's multiple conditions make daily activities difficult and often impossible. The exhaustion from the chronic pain prevent her from working and taking care of her family. Simple household chores can cause a flair up of symptoms. Trudy began receiving Accunect treatments from Christina this fall and was amazed at the results. For the first time in years the muscles in her shoulders and back were and able to relax and pain was relieved. Subsequent sessions continued to help manage the pain and other symptoms. To continue to make lasting progress Trudy will need treatments for a period of 6 months to a year. This would enable Trudy to begin to enjoy life again, as well as to better care for her family and return to work.

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