Issac #3 in The Small Q

Low Back Injury
Estimated Funding Date April 29, 2020
Anju's Herbals Inc.
Bio-Metric Tests
Victoria, BC

$120.00 of $400.00 funded

  • Issac's Story

    I injured my back about six years ago and my whole world changed big time. I'm 54 years young and I can not do the stuff that I love to do anymore. having and having a hard time with that and its really hard to get any help with my low back pain when you are on long term disability and live here in Victoria. I guess anywhere really.

    How will this treatment impact Issac's life?

    After my low back injury all the doctors I have seen all gave these drugs that did not work or gave me tons of side effects so I do not trust them. What condition will this service provide assistance with? Pain management, high blood pressure, depression, anger management, cholesterol,

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