Emily #9 in The Micro Q

Float Therapy and Craniosacral Massage
Pulled muscle in right leg, depression, anxiety, bipolar
Estimated Funding Date April 25, 2020
Winnipeg, MB

$40.00 of $228.00 funded

  • Emily 's Story

    I first reached out to my family doctor to talk to her about mental illness when I was 16 years old. I got referred to a psychiatry program in which the doctor basically told me I was too high functioning to have serious issues. Since the age of 14, I've been dealing with panic attacks and paranoia. As an adult, I first reached out while working what I thought was my first step into a career just after graduating university. I spoke to my family doctor and she was instantly sympathetic. My job had me working from home and what was semi-regular panic attacks had then become very frequent and become coupled with depression symptoms. Sure enough, she had been prescribing me SSRIs and SNRIs which were incompatible with what we found out a year later, after a manic breakdown which occurred after losing my job.

    I've been on EI and working through a new diagnosis and the knowledge that for the past year I have been in and out of manic episodes. When I was concerned that the medication wasn't working for me, before talking to a consulting psychiatrist, my doctor upped my dose which resulted in my worst breakdown to date. I got myself into $3500 worth of debt, had a panic attack that left me missing an international flight which I had bought impulsively. I was one of the few people I knew of my generation to graduate university with under $2000 worth of student debt. I am typically very good financially. The first medication my family doctor put me on after that caused an allergic reaction which she didn't believe was happening when I had pointed out the first signs. I returned two days later covered in a rash during which she told me she was letting me go as a patient, unmedicated for the first time in over a year, itchy, exhausted, and terrified of the month-long wait to get assigned a new family doctor. I now know that I am bipolar 2 with some bad tendencies and have a nurse practitioner.

    I'm barely leaving my apartment these days. I'm tapering up on new meds but I am currently at the point where I wasn't exercising, and when I tried to today, I hurt myself. I don't have the funds for physiotherapy and physio-yoga sounds like the perfect way for me to ease my body back into exercise. The attached photo is from when I was having a manic high and the first time or two that I impulse bought international flights this summer, the first of which I actually made it on the flight.

    How will this treatment impact Emily 's life?

    I have had a series of previous injuries including a herniated disc in my neck, seizing SI joints, and I recently pulled a muscle in my leg. This service will give me a place to move forward, get regular exercise, and work through a lot of the recurring pain that I deal with.

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