Coaching For Perspective - Nicole Trincia’s Life Coaching Channels

by Ryan Hook | June 10, 2020

Careers, relationships, and wellness –– for most, this is the most challenging balancing act in their lives, but for Nicole Trincia, life coach and teacher, this is the trinity she’s dedicated her career to. Trincia has always been curious about human motivations and behaviors, and therefore she got a BA in Psychology and a Master’s in Education. 

Residing in California, but moving as many as twenty two times throughout her life, Trincia has had a unique variety of lived experience, stating that “Moving so much, I had to learn how to adapt and reinvent. I think that really informed my interest in coaching and psychology, and led me to where I am now as an educator and coach.”

While getting her BA and Master’s, Trincia also worked as a certified massage therapist, which rounded out her wellness knowledge. Her eventual integration of massage therapy, coaching and education, along with her desire to learn, and her natural optimism, is what brought her to life coaching. 

A life coach is someone who counsels and encourages clients on all kinds of issues––from business problems to personal matters. Thanks to the popularity of Tony Robbins, receiving life coaching has come to the forefront as a path to wellness. Life coaches help clients identify their goals and reach them. Most life coaches take into consideration their client’s home life goals and business life goals, and structure a plan of action with their clients. While studies are quite varied, and are ultimately anecdotal, life coaching has seen plenty of subjective success, especially with disadvantaged patients. Life coaches who introduced patients to different types of communications, and new approaches to daily living often see positive results in their clients. 

Trincia concentrates her practice on her clients’ career, relationships and wellness, stating, “I kept coming back to those three, I wrote a paper about the 10 core areas of one’s life, but I looked at these 3 (career, wellness, relationships) because they seem to be the core 3 that come up with clients.” 

Trincia says that when clients need support with their careers, the issues she sees again and again tend to have to do with her clients’ feelings of being trapped in their job, or wanting to push for a promotion; her work in relationships centers around romantic partnerships; and her coaching in wellness usually involves nutrition, stress management, or exercise. 

Trincia’s foundations in life coaching are rooted in a lecture of Byron Katie’s “The Work: The Power of Self and involve inquiry, linguistics, and neuroscience. She focuses on patterns of speech and how a client can use those patterns to change their perceptions––a core lesson from Byron Katie’s work. She said, “I try to read as much as I can [...] I gladly give credit to those who inspire me.”

Trincia approaches her job as life coach, and her full time teaching work with curiosity and passion, stating that, “If there’s something that I see missing, I have the curiosity to try and figure it out. I’m lucky. If a client wants change I know that there’s always something that can be done.”

Most life coaching practices focus on achieving one’s potential, “Coaching is generally from a healthy place,” she said, “I’m there to guide and find ways for the client to burst forward.” Life coaching is not equivalent to counselling, and neither takes the place of the other. Clients may wish to also seek counselling if there are mental health problems they need to address in order to gain the full benefit of coaching.

Trincia said she believes, “Change is always possible. The life you want is always there for you. It’s just a matter of slowing down.” Trincia says it’s best to “Stay curious, keep asking questions, be kind to yourself and others, and know you'll always find perspective,” Which sounds like pretty great advice. 

Ryan Hook


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