All About Accessibility

Disability aware practitioners are hard to find. When practitioners confirm that their space takes accessibility seriously, we highlight them in this category.

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All About Acupuncture

Acupuncture treatment uses needles to stimulate pressure points on the body to relieve pain and other ailments. By unblocking energy meridians, acupuncture therapy can restore balance to the body.

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All About Art Therapy

Art therapy uses imagery, colour and shape as part of a creative therapeutic process. Thoughts and feelings can be expressed that would otherwise be difficult to articulate.

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All About Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners use eastern healing modalities to provide holistic care. This may involve Chinese herbs, acupuncture for energy healing, or other treatments.

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All About Counselling

Counsellors offer help with mental health issues via in-person sessions or online therapy. This can include couples counselling, family counselling, or therapy for depression.

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All About Massage

Massage Therapy focuses mainly on the body's soft tissue. Treatments like reflexology and aromatherapy massage promote lymphatic drainage, relieve pain, and aid in relaxation.

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All About Naturopathy

Naturopathic medicine uses a variety of natural remedies to encourage the body to heal itself. It embraces many holistic therapies like herbs, massage, acupuncture, exercise, and diet.

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All About Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy treats and prevents sports injuries, back pain, and other physical issues. Using physiotherapy exercises and education, physical therapists aim to get you moving again.

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All About Reiki

Reiki is an energy healing treatment that works holistically to relieve stress and pain. It helps to increase relaxation, releases emotional blockages, accelerates natural healing and balances energy.

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All About Sound Healing

Sound therapy combines Eastern Medicine, Mindfulness and Neuroscience. Treatment types include sound baths, relaxation and healing sessions, sound healing for groups, therapeutic voice work and voice-scapes.

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All About Yoga

Yoga translated means “union”. In online yoga, yoga therapy, and yoga fitness classes, the practice's philosophical roots integrate with physical yoga poses to improve flexibility and balance.

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Meditation Salient Vision

Salient Vision


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Deep integrative meditative practice with breath work and yogic spiritual philosophy.



Certified Hypnotherapy Practitioner for Therapeutic Transformation - Master Life Coach - Hypnotherapy for Therapeutic Transformation & Modern Coaching Techniques for a Life of Resilience, Greatness & Abundance - Master's Degree in Psychology | Certified Hypnotherapy Practitioner | Certified Master Life Coach ~ Mind | Body | Soul ~ well-being with Magdalena

~ Mind | Body | Soul ~ well-being with Magdalena

Certified Hypnotherapy Practitioner for...

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~ Mind | Body | Soul ~ well-being with Magdalena => Master's Degree in Psychology => Certified Hypnotherapy Practitioner for Therapeutic Transformation => Master Life Coach ~ Hypnotherapy for Therapeutic Transformation & Modern Coaching Techniques for a Life of Resilience, Greatness & Abundance Phone #: +1 (613) 619-0594 | Email: Hello and Welcome to my Page! I am here for YOU! My areas of expertise range from Basic Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), to Stress and Anxiety Reduction, PTSD / Trauma Intervention, Internal Body Voyage, Pain Management, Past Time Regression, and Future Time Progression, Weight Management, Anger Management, and dealing with all types of Addictions. I have successful experience working with clients who are dealing with anxiety, low mood, compulsions, and unwanted habits (nail-biting, hair twisting and pulling, and others), weight management issues, self-esteem issues, eating disorders, smoking/vaping/shisha addiction, sex addiction and sexual trauma, alcohol addiction, sugar addiction, phobias (flying, driving, social interaction, and others), chronic pain and migraines, childhood trauma, adolescent trauma, adulthood trauma, anger management, stress management and relaxation issues, identity problems, performance anxiety (work, study, sports, public speaking), sleep disorders, and bereavement. I also help people reach their highest potential and the best version of themselves using individualized multidisciplinary methods to fit and address the needs of each of my individual clients. As your mentor, I work with you on the following: M = Motivation, Meditation, Mindfulness E = Emotional Support, Energy, Empathy N = Navigating, Naturalistic, Nurture T = Train of Thoughts, Therapeutic Transformation, Tactful Triumph O = Objective, Opportunity, Oneness R = Relaxation, Reflection, Revitalization I work with you on step-by-step resolutions and techniques that will help you take control over any situation you find yourself in, and I give you one-on-one guidance and constant support. Magdalena Daluna EA ~ Master of Arts in Psychology ~ Concentration: Educational Psychology ~ Certified Hypnotherapy Practitioner for Therapeutic Transformation ~ Master Life Coach ~ Qualified Educator & Mentor ~ In Constant Updated Learning & Improvement Mode ~ Light-worker Cell: (613) 619-0594 |