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Calm and Centered - Transform fear-based emotions into peace and calm



Maggie Reigh

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Calm and Centered in the Eye of the Storm Tools to Navigate Change and Uncertainty Do you want time proven tools, techniques and tips to release debilitating fear-based emotions RIGHT NOW? • Tools you can share with clients, friends, and family to make current challenges a whole lot easier • Techniques and tips to step into your power and contribute to a world-wide shift that can bring peace, purity and healthy living for generations to come. Fear weakens our immune system and puts us even more at risk for disease. Yet fear is easier to release than you might imagine! JOIN us for this FREE online seminar. We won’t just talk about releasing fear… we will do it! And you will learn how to embrace powerful elevating emotions to create what you truly want. We are in the midst of unprecedented change – never in human history have we had such an opportunity to connect with our inner power and effect the change our world needs. The two Chinese characters that translate into the word “crisis” are “dangerous” and “opportunity.” We have an opportunity RIGHT NOW to focus on that which we WANT to break through and let go of that which is breaking down. The danger is getting trapped in fear. EVERYTHING is created in Consciousness first. If we want peace and love to dominate our world we must shift our attention away from fear and worry and focus on love and possibilities. Together we can create a new world. YOU can help shift the collective Consciousness NOW. Elevated emotions are far more powerful than fear based emotions. It doesn’t take that many people, vibrating in gratitude, appreciation, love, compassion and joy to shift the focus and light up our world. YOU make a difference!