Christy Greenwood Sessions

Christy is a healing artist, photographer, dance facilitator and herbal artist helping sensitives connect to the wisdom in nature, plants and their bodies. ☆ She channels earth & star fire energy while offering certified massage therapy and intuitive modalities that nourish the body temple of the soul.

She offers sessions online and in-person in the beautiful clay built Starlight Studio, 15 mins west of Duncan, BC.

60 min : Bodytalk Medicine Session

Allow space for your body's innate wisdom to reveal safe, subconscious messages to light of your conscious awareness. Explore consciousness medicine that weaves ancient wisdom with the application of modern quantum physics. Connect fragmented parts of yourself with healthy internal communication for optimal bodymind funtioning.In The Medicine Sessions we see what needs to happen and flow with the rhythms of your innate nature. I will tune into what you share, ask for and request in addition to my sensing around what could support you the most. I'll work with my intuitive guidance along with your permission and use a combination of medicine tools I've gathered along the way to offer you a unique session that invites deep nourishment, alchemy and alignment with your centre. Transformation is inherent in life itself, so working with this powerful energy can support you to move WITH the river of life on the journey of discovering your awakening potential as you dance and grow on your evolutionary edges.My medicine satchel includes the following tools whichmay be included in your session. Requests for specificwork is welcome. Online sessions are energy work focused as body therapies are not possible. Session may include bodytalk, bodywork, energywork, energy clearing, sound healing, breathwork, nervous system regulation, visualization and more.

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