Positive Enlightenment by Ameenah


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What is Spiritual Coaching? Find your superpower. In a nut shell if you can find your superpower and you can climb any mountain. Connecting with your inner self is like a superpower that opens door for unlimited potential. Every soul possess this power, our personality is made of our beliefs. Our beliefs condition our personality and the number one belief that impacts our personality is that we are different and separate, we are controlled by our ego which results in setting our frequency as dense. In this sequence of events we lose the pleasure of living life with our super power (our soul power), which in turn leads us to feel lots of anxiety, life seems purposeless and we lose our sanity. Nothing can give peace in this situation. No material things give pleasure or satisfaction. There comes the calling of your soul once you harmonize between personality and soul power. Life becomes meaningful and purposeful in every aspect. Non local domains give us plenty of signs of this connection, when we are in harmony and in balance we receive messages from nature, people, and see miracles. Aligning yourself with divine self gives us freedom. As a Spiritual Coach I can guide you to see the presence of this divine source and help you start your journey.

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