Hue Foo, ND, EdM, MA

Dr. Foo’s naturopathic practice primarily focuses on evaluating, managing and optimizing mental and physical resiliency. She incorporates knowledge of modern, traditional and natural forms of treatment to provide individualized care. The primary natural therapies Dr. Foo uses in her practice includes botanical medicine, clinical nutrition, traditional Chinese medicine/acupuncture and lifestyle counselling.

Dr. Foo believes that in order to achieve and maintain optimal health it is necessary to attain equilibrium by understanding the interactions and inseparable connections between the mind and the body. Dr. Foo’s passion is promoting patient health education, disease prevention, innovation and furthering the development of integrated health care.

Initial Intake Consultation

Ontario regulations governing Naturopathic Doctors require all new patients to undergo an initial assessment prior to the commencement of any naturopathic treatment. This is to ensure that you receive appropriate care for your particular health situation.Initial assessments include a detailed intake of your health and family history, occupational history, environmental exposures, and emotional and mental states. Intake consultation may include a physical exam based on your health concerns.

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