Jean Brannon, Author & Acupuncturist & Nonprofit CEO

Both the novels and self-help nonfiction I write - as well as the acupuncture and other holistic treatments I perform - serve to uplift and inspire and promote balanced well-being. With more than 20 years' experience in a variety of alternative healing modalities, I consider myself a versatile professional and committed listener who tailors treatments to an individual's needs and goals. My nonprofit - Tend And Mend Foundation - serves to help people, pets, and properties that have been abandoned and neglected to understand ... at Tend and Mend, there are no throwaways.


Painless insertion of needles no thicker than a human hair help any issue you're facing. Everything from anxiety and addiction to women's health concerns and headaches can be treated safely and effectively with acupuncture. Non-needle techniques such as massage, crystal therapy, and chakra balancing are available for those who prefer them.

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