Maggie Kendall

Yoga and Acro Yoga teacher with 2+ years experience passionate about helping all living beings become more balanced and promote health and wellness for a thriving life!
Certified as a Life Coach and certified in Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Ayurvedic healing, and Massage from my Alternative Therapy Certificate from Shaw Academy.

Couples and group NVC Non-violent communication coaching

Trained in NVC and having found it to profoundly improve relationships, group and work settings as well as movements I would love to share this process with you.
NVC is a communication and conflict-resolution process developed by the psychologist Marshall Rosenberg. It focuses on how to express ourselves in a way that inspires empathy in others, and how to listen to them empathically in turn.
I would love to extend a coaching session wherein we can discuss whatever you may want to share and process within a non-violent communication coached session.

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