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Kinesiology and Occupational Therapy, Yoga Instructor, Osteopathic Studies


Osteopathy is a complementary health service that uses manual therapy to assess and treat restrictions in the body. Founded by Dr. Andrew Taylor Still in 1874, osteopathy is based on removing the causes of symptoms, which can be far removed from the symptom(s) itself.

Through studying the interconnectedness and interrelationships of the body, a practitioner approaches a whole person with a highly trained sense of touch and other tests to identify and treat restrictions and imbalances in the body. By removing these restrictions the body’s innate self-healing ability resumes. Osteopathic techniques involve many different types of soft tissue and joint manipulation including myofascial therapies, muscle energy techniques and cranial osteopathy.

Maxine has completed her 5th year of osteopathy. Her services are, unfortunately, not covered by extended health insurance plans until she finishes and defends her osteopathy thesis.

About Therapeutic Approach Health Centre

Maxine is co-owner of Therapeutic Approach Yoga Studio and Health Centre, which has been offering high-quality health services, yoga classes, and Yoga Teacher Training since 1997. Maxine has degrees in Kinesiology and Occupational Therapy (honours) and has completed all five years of study of Osteopathy with the Canadian College of Osteopathy, based in Montreal. She is currently a thesis candidate and her thesis topic involves the study and treatment of GERD. She plans to defend her thesis in the spring of 2020.

Additionally, Maxine is offering osteopathic techniques through her health centre. Osteopathy is useful for addressing and treating many health issues including but not limited to: back and neck pain, whiplash, GERD, joint pain, plantar fasciitis, TMJ dysfunction, tinnitus, bladder incontinence, frozen shoulder, digestive issues, etc. Her osteopathic techniques service cannot be covered under your extended health care insurance since she has not yet finished her osteopathy program.

“The best explanation I can offer for an osteopathic approach is my story. I had years of plantar fasciitis and sought after and received many complementary health treatments. Nothing helped long-term until I saw an osteopath. My osteopath said my uterus was pushed to the left since being pregnant with one of my children. She did work on my uterus and my foot got better”.


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