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Heart Centered life through yoga, meditation, contemplative writing and consulting. Belgravia Edmonton. Personal, Local, Small classes.

Supporting our environment and living local most people walk, bike or head
to a class on their way to or from home. We practice in natural light by engaging
breath, setting intention and sequencing to the day (variation is good!). Classes are
frequently created for community needs. Have fun mixing and matching your times or create a class with 3 or more people!

Our meditation community is offered to people who have taken my 10 week learn to meditate class based on Sarah Mcleans “Soul Centered” book. In 2015 I completed a 250hr tt at Sarah’s Mclean Meditation Academy. This 10 week registered class is offered through Yoga Central and Yoga Life and sometimes at my home studio.

Private classes, personal sequencing, Ayurvedic and Heart Centered consulations are available by request. “ Synchronicity is an ever-present reality for those who have eyes to see.” Carl Jung

About Heart Centered Life

When the heart leads and the head follows…

There comes a time when the stories we’ve been living run dry. Whether it’s our story of wealth, success, relationship, self or the world… when a story is out grown it fills us with uncertainty. For some people life becomes tense, bland or meaningless. A set of seemingly unsolvable conundrums plague the mind.

We make sense of life with the stories we tell ourselves. Stories are the minds route between points (a) and (b). Stories direct choices, over time they become our neuro-biology. We become hard-wired with our stories.

When the heart leads…

We take steps out of the minds story realm and into the direct experience of authenticity, freedom, equanimity, inspiration, embodied wisdom and knowing beyond the senses.

Heart Centered Life was inspired by my own transformation from head to heart in 2007.

Over a decade ago I experienced a conscious raising experience known as a Kundalini awakening. It blew my story mind apart leaving me in the seat of my heart. It was the most terrifying experience of my life.

An electrifying impulse consumed my spine, I couldn’t eat or sleep and the “normal me” unraveled like a spool of thread at top speed. Over the span of three day’s “i” was completely undone and the course of my life irrevocably altered. In Eastern traditions it is known as a Kundalini Awakening. I call it The January Incident. It has taken me twelve years of deep integration to fully understand The January Incident, the workings of story mind and how it un-layered the deeper knowings of my heart.

Heart Centered knowing gives us personal meaning, new inspiration unique direction and, in my case, an acute sixth sense.

For many years prior, my interest in health followed traditional routes. It began with a BSc in Neuro-psychology from the University of Alberta and a Healthcare Leadership Diploma from Grant Macewan. From there I worked in Western Health Care (home, primary and acute) and various area’s of training, development & management for two decades.

All the while I was continually drawn to the places less seen. The intuitive realms, synchronicities, unified fields, quantum physics, subtle body patterns and way’s of knowing beyond the five senses. I left traditional health care in 2010 to pursue alternative health and eastern subtle body studies.

Since then I’ve completed numerous training’s, retreats and self study hours. I have completed a memoir, “Orchid of Fate” (publishing pending) describing my Kundalini awakening and how story mind both developed and unraveled in my life. I hold certifications in Heart & Gaitri Yoga, Yin Yoga, Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy, Pre-natal Yoga, Meditation and New Life Story Coaching.

Having taught over 4000 yoga & meditation classes combined and 70,000 bodies, I believe these modalities are opportunities for every-body and all ages. The classes I teach have ranged in size from 1-60. My own daily practice of meditation & yoga start each day so that I can step into life wholeheartedly.

I believe the heart is our personal gateway to the fullest, most vital, unique, genius of a life we can imagine. It is a rose blooming where there was once only stark branches (necessary but not interesting, unique or beautiful).

In my approach the heart’s knowing is not based on religion, dogma or the conditioning we’ve picked up through life. I mentor connecting to the heart through my understandings of the subtle body and the modalities of yoga, meditation and insight writing.

When I worked in health care I did a lot of interviewing. Over time it became a skill. Soon I could tell within minutes if a person was a hire (I still went through with the interview). As a waitress, in my student years, I could tell what someone would order when they walked through the door (I was 100% accurate about 90% of the time). A good coach can tell within minutes the potential of an athlete, an agent the potential of a script.

I can tell within minutes where a person’s story narrative remains unconscious, stuck and repeating.

The January Incident raised my gifts of seeing, hearing and feeling story’s in the body/mind. I have been cultivating this skill now for twelve years.

Genius arrives when the heart leads and the head follows…

I’m interested in mentoring people who know or sense life is more than the material world that meets the eye. People who want to make better life choices, who want to put in the work to leave life-less stories, habits and repeating patterns. People who are willing to own more of their energy rather than project it out and who are willing to be honest and vulnerable along the way.

Getting to the heart is a delicate process…

Changing our neuro-biology takes courage, effort, dedication and time. Life usually needs to kick start this process with a powerful event, or several, before there is enough motivation for change. We don’t need a Kundalini crisis to align with the heart. We each have unique gateways to living a Heart Centered life.

I offer Heart Centered Mentor-ship co-creating a New Life Story ® using Meditation, Yoga, Ayurvedic Wellness and insight writing.

To contact me for consultation please e-mail heartcenteredymw@gmail.com or use the contact form below.

For personalized Yoga programs, Meditation Mentoring and Ayurvedic Wellness please e-mail heartcenteredymw@gmail.com or use the contact form below.

To join my on-line community or receive my newsletter please e-mail heartcenteredymw@gmail.com or use the contact form below.

For all other inquires you can reach me through Yoga Life Studios, Yoga Central, Facebook or Linked In.

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