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Would you like to feel better? Reiki is a good Integrative Therapy to try because you start feeling better immediately and the benefits grow with repeated sessions. As anxiety & pain lessen, you feel hopeful about regaining your health. You feel able to incorporate other needed health interventions or make needed lifestyle changes. Reiki treatment often clears the mind, helping you to better evaluate the sometimes conflicting medical information being offered by various specialists. Then, you can make important treatment decisions with greater confidence. Reiki can help you become more actively involved in your own health.

Reiki is a gentle, non-invasive Spiritual Practice. It balances our system overall: mind, body and spirit. Balance is vital - your body can only self-heal when your nervous system is balanced. Reiki treatment is safe for all ages and profoundly calming. It draws us inward, quieting us inside, stilling our racing mind so we feel connected back to ourself. Steadied. Grounded. Fully present. :)

People typically leave a Reiki session feeling calm, refreshed, mentally clear, more centered, less reactive and hopeful. As well having reduced pain, no anxiety, a slower heart rate, easier breathing, better digestion, a sense of feeling better overall and having the best sleep that night ever. Treatments are a vital investment in yourself! The best way to understand Reiki is to experience it.

In Reiki practice, there isn’t any diagnosing. As a Practitioner, I do not manipulate the outcome. I facilitate and allow. The Reiki treatment gently stimulates your own self-healing mechanisms. I practice the simple, traditional practice that was brought from Japan in the 1930’s. Reiki is different from Energy Healing where the Practitioner actually diagnoses and manipulates energy. Four sessions is a traditional recommendation and gives you time to evaluate what benefits you are receiving.

My unique perspective on Reiki practice is physiological. Different from many in the Reiki community where Reiki is wrapped in New Age. Reiki is balancing for our system. Treatment downregulates our system, from the Sympathetic Nervous System, living in stress mode. Our incredible bodies know how to self heal but They're unable to do so when we're living in stress mode. They can only do this when we're in Parasympathetic Nervous System mode, rest & digest.

Reiki is simple. It is enough on its own. I do add anything else to the session as lumping all practices together would not let you know what was benefitting you. Traditional Reiki treatment is a pure practice that helps us to feel better. And, we all want to feel better! :)

Do I practice Reiki self-treatment every day?
Absolutely! That is the DEALBREAKER in choosing your practitioner.

$65/session investment. Plan for 2 hours – time before to meet/1 hour Reiki treatment/ time after to wrap up session

Located in Clareview, near Victoria Trail, 10 minutes from Sherwood Park. Address sent with appointment booking

To book an appointment, please call the office @ (780) 456-6568, (780) 935-6570; or private message Facebook page.

Any allergies? 2 cats at this site, essential oils diffused
24 hour Cancellation Policy

Visit https://www.facebook.com/abundantreikiedmonton/ to follow my Abundant Reiki facebook page! (for info/special offers/articles)

About Abundant Reiki

Andrea is a passionate, enthusiastic, empathetic lady. Spirituality, people and life itself I find fascinating! I have many interests, and I’ve experienced a variety of careers and volunteer work. The theme in all is helping people – I love seeing people’s needs met! :) Connecting with people on a deeper level is my aim, allowing & encouraging others to be themselves. I love and seek truth, it is freeing. Also balance. As a Reiki Practitioner for three years now, I’m fascinated by this Spiritual practice. It has changed my life. Providing overall balance, Reiki is my daily self care companion. :) I also adore my family, my two kitties and spending quality time in nature.


Sunday 9 AM to 7 PM
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Friday 9 AM to 7 PM
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Cancellation Policy
24 hours notice


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