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The Chakra House of Healing

Transformational and Empowerment Coach, Hypnotherapist, NLP Practioner


I am so glad that you ready to try something new; something that will change your life forever. Just by finding me I know that you are ready to take responsibility for your well-being.

So many people have tried so many things and nothing has really worked for them long term. Or have dealt only with the symptoms and not the root cause. Kind of like picking the leaves off the weeds but never pulling it out by the roots so it can’t grow back.

Sometimes the strategies don’t work because you have not been shown how to put yourself into the right mindset to be consistent and create momentum. Sometimes, what you were shown was, quite simply, not a useful tool for you.
You can be assured that this time however, you have come to the right place. My toolbox is full of powerful and life changing tools for you that have been used by some of the most powerful coaches, mentors and minds of our time and in history.

About The Chakra House of Healing

A coach is someone that really cares about you and is your friend. I am committed to helping you become the best that you can be. I will challenge you, be direct with you and not let you off the hook when you’re struggling. I will guide you to a more positive place of comfort that feels good. I will bring my knowledge and experience, because I have been there before…I get you!!

I am no better than you because like me, you have natural abilities and skills that you may or may not be aware of. It’s my pleasure to bring them to the surface and free your personal power.

I will teach you new strategies, skills and bring new information as well as shine a light what you already knew that somehow got lost. I will show you how to get measureable results and remind you of what you need to do at just the right moments. I AM a Transformational Coach!!

Everyone needs a coach whether you are a top level executive, a solopreneur, a domestic engineer or a homeless person.

Allow me to be a part of your purpose and let me help you make an impact in your life and the lives of the people around you. I am right here and I am waiting for you!

Let me tell you about some of my certifications.

Transformational Coach specializing in Personal Growth and Development
Master Clinical Hypnotherapist and Instructor
Sleep Specialist
Metaphysical Hypnotherapist and Instructor
Reiki Master and Teacher
Tantric Practitioner
Shamanic Practitioner
Doctorate in Philosophy
Ordained Non-Denominational Spiritual Minister


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Cancellation Policy
24 hours notice


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