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Wellness By Nature, LLC

Naturopathic Doctor


Reduce or Eliminate Prescription Drugs
Regain Health and Vitality!
Work with your body not against it
Learn how your mind and body work together.
Small changes = Huge impact

Dr. Carol Rossetti is results-focused and client-driven with over 25 years of experience and impressive educational background, she is ready and able to bring natural health to you in a relaxed and informative format. She provides education and coaching for her clients towards improved health. All meetings are by telephone, facetime, or zoom whichever is appropriate and are 30 minutes in length.

You will complete a first appointment in-take prior to the first meeting so I know a little about you. Together we will develop a plan for your improved health. Each appointment will provide you with education to improve your health, you will take that information, practice it till next appointment, and come back for the next step. Slow and steady wins the race. Your body will gradually change, you will find many of your symptoms will disappear, you will feel better, and your overall energy will spike.

Additionally, you will be provided with valuable and researched information to take with you to learn even more.

About Wellness By Nature, LLC

Dr. Rossetti is trained in Traditional Naturopathy and is able to take the complex and turn it into reasonable methods for educating and coaching her clients towards improved health. She is a health practitioner, writer, a university professor, a speaker, and a radio personality. Her radio shows have been entertaining and enlightening and appeal to a broad audience. Her education background includes a BA in Clinical Psychology, an MA certification in Education, an MS in Holistic Nutrition, and a Doctorate in Naturopathy.

She focuses her energies and coaching on those suffering from chronic health issues. If you have been to many healthcare providers, endured many tests, and ended up with dozens of aging pharmaceuticals.....you are exactly the person she has targeted to help.

Dr. Rossetti is a long-standing member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners and holds a national license with the Professional Wellness Alliance.


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