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Renelle Blanchette

Life Coach


What isChakra coaching?Chakra coaching is a method of coaching using the 7 energy centres of the body to identify blockages or imbalances in your life. These blockages or imbalances can actually stop you from reaching goals, following your passions, being strong + confident, loving yourself, speaking your truth, listening to your intuition + having faith. Once we identify focus areas + set some really amazing goals, I offer you tools + support to help you reach your goals + balance your energy.What are thebenefits?There’s like a million benefits, but here are the main ones:. goal crushing + dream chasing. balanced energy. inner peace. self-love + self-care. confidence + motivation. reaching your highest potentialIs chakra coachingfor you?. Do you feel like you were meant for so much more, but you’re not sure what your purpose is?. Do you know something in your life has to change, but you have no fricken’ clue how?.  Are you feeling stuck, hopeless, confused?. Do you want to be the best person you can be?. Do you wish you loved yourself more, stood up for yourself more, or trusted yourself more?. Do you want to stop getting in your own way of achieving your dreams + desires?. Are you tired of feeling confused, overwhelmed + not knowing where to start?. Are you sick of the excuses you’re making for yourself + ready to do something about it?If you’ve answered YES to any of these questions, then Chakra Coaching is for you!.

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