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About us: Our promise to you. Authenticity. Compassion. Confidence. At Lumisenz you will feel relaxed and safe in our spa like environment. You will be heard, understood and cared for. We will listen to your needs and offer you the best solution that will fit your goals and desires within your budget based on optimal results. Why our clients choose Lumisenz? RESET. REPLEMISH. RESUME. Our clients come to us for several different reasons from health rejuvenation to slimming down to feeling good again. Most of our clients come to us because they are feeling unhealthy, plateauing, guilty of an indulgent lifestyle and need a change without giving up their fun. At Lumisenz, we take care of indulgence! Majority of our clients come into our clinic for the first time feeling “old”, sore and lethargic, depressed, anxious, restless and hopeless. But the good news is…Lumisenz can help you feel good again. Other reason our clients choose Lumisenz: Injury prevents them from working out regularly Frustrated with not seeing results Hormonal imbalance Menopause Fibromyalgia Stamina and endurance Tried everything else and nothing is working for them They prefer an organic and natural approach to avoid invasive procedures and products What we offer our clients NOURISHMENT. STRENGTH. VITALITY. YOUTH We can give our clients 10 years back. At Lumisenz finding a balance in living a healthy, yet fun (indulgent) lifestyle is made easy and relaxing. In our experience, nothing last if it’s not fun, convenient and fast so we designed our programs to specifically meet individual needs and desires. In most cases conventional programs take what seems like forever to show significant results, 3 to 6 months before the inches start coming off. Not at Lumisenz, our professional team and medi-spa equipment will exhilarate results by up to 6 times using Electronic Stimulation for your body and Micro-current for your face showing lasting results in as little as 3-5 treatments. Our technology offers the quickest, safest, and most effective procedures that reduces inflammation, decreases cortisol (stress) and increases your serotonin (happy) & dopamine (pleasure) hormones which make you feel naturally good and desirable. We use only 100% organic and natural products to enhance our treatments. Get on with your life, get Lumsienz’ed! What you can expect when you choose Lumisenz​ SAFE. EFFECT. RESULTS A dedicated certified technician will help you achieve your body image and facial needs by coaching you through your program. A regular series can be 5 – 10 or 15-20 sessions dropping approximately 1-10 dress sizes, depending on your program series, body type, current state of health and your goals. Lumisenz offers a very simple program to follow at home that assists you even when you are not working out with us at the clinic. Lumisenz has developed a home care kit that is easy to adapt to any lifestyle and includes a rapid fat loss meal plan with prep guide and grocery list, easy to follow exercise program that you can do in 30 minutes at home or at the gym, a daily regimen guideline and tips for healthy eating habits that burn fat storage into energy, a detox smoothie recipe (it’s delicious and fresh) and no powders to add. We will even help you with your immune health, weight loss and caffeine fix with refreshing vitamin drinks that help you lose unwanted fat and detox your cells. We invite you to come in and learn how Lumisenz can help you feel good again. Please come and try out our treatments, we promise you that you will be impressed. Book a complimentary consultation and a trial treatment and receive 50% OFF your first treatment. Lumisenz, where beautiful is confident and prevention is key!.

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