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You have it in you... so what's holding you back?I am sure by now you have heard and seen many calls to “heal”. What does it mean to you? Are you perpetually on the path of healing, but not making the progress you want? Do you or your child have recurring symptoms or dynamics that won’t end? Such as unexplained body sensations, physical symptoms or emotional blocks?

For example: tingling sensations, aches/pains or anxieties, behavioural/ learning disorders? Have you tried to find answers to symptoms and dynamics but not found real results? I know it can be frustrating if going to your doctor leads to a dead end for you or your child. Are you tired of buying medicines that don’t seem to help? Or spending money on endless supplements?

If you find yourself answering "yes" to these questions I know how you feel and I want to let you know that there is a solution. I searched for years and then discovered how to move beyond my response to trauma and chronic dis-ease. Now everyday I experience more vibrant health and happiness. This can be YOUR experience as well.

Did you know you have an innate force that is designed for vitality and thriving? Of course you do! It is the basis of all our human biology. Once we were just a few cells that grew into a complete human body in our mother’s womb. How did this happen? It happens from an innate intelligence that is not totally definable but we TRUST it. We also trust this innate force to heal cuts and wounds, and to fight off colds and flus. We rely on it but perhaps don’t fully acknowledge it's powerful potential. 

I am here to connect your awareness to that unlimited power.So here’s the thing - If you discover how to bridge your physical body with your innate immaterial force of creation, you will have the power to tap into your inner healer. Accessing this unlimited force of nature provides you with unlimited potential to hear your inner healer, find the right healthcare team, get results and integrate new life experiences!

Creating what you want and deserve!YOU have a choice! Live in wellness instead of illness? Thrive instead of survive! The path to a long and vibrant life is our right and destiny so take a step and trust you are being supported to achieve these results right here, right now! Contact me for package rates for Chronic Care or Family.

About Homeopathic Family Clinic - Jennifer Shelley Classical Homeopathic Practitioner, Medical Intuitive

Hi, I'm Jennifer Shelley, let me tell you a little bit about myself and how I discovered my inner healer. I found Homeopathy while living in the UK. I needed to work so I took a receptionist position at a Homeopathic Clinic. I had no idea what kind of medicine this was or how my life would change, I just needed a job so I could continue to pay for my travels. When the Homeopathic Practitioner asked me what I thought healing was, I responded: "You take pills consistently to take away the symptoms temporarily". This belief was about to change dramatically. She asked me very detailed questions about the suffering I endured physically and emotionally. I wanted change but I was cynical because nothing had ever been cured before. The Homeopath prescribed an individual remedy for me and I will never forget the immediate relief and long term changes that came from that first dose.

I was so inspired! Emotions were released, my physical symptoms immediately improved and continued to resolve over time. I learned about my limiting beliefs and gained confidence in my inner power to heal. These results catalyzed my devotion to Homeopathy. I realized I wanted to share this with the world. We don't need to suffer! Medicine that assists in expanding our self awareness, improves overall vitality and allows us to thrive does exist! This realization turned into a passion that I have been building on since 1997. I will continue to hone my skills in Homeopathy and Theta Healing techniques to bring this message to the public: We CAN walk the path to a long and vibrant life!


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