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Coaching and support for small business leaders to grow connected, inspired and high-impact cultures and teams.

About High Voltage Leadership

Hi! I’m Lindsay White.
As a professional leadership coach and an experienced human resources consultant I’ve spent more than a decade working alongside leaders at all levels. I’ve coached and consulted with first time supervisors, seasoned senior executives, and everything in between. I’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. I’ve even worked for some of them! I’ve been a first-hand witness to the dis-engagement that comes from a lack of leadership, and seen the devastating impact one toxic team-member can have. I’ve supported teams as they’ve recognized their dysfunction, and led them through the process of re-designing their culture together. And I’ve coached many managers through the process of embracing their own true leadership, creating their own personal brand and style.

Now, I have this amazing dream of helping every female small business owner to feel confident, in control and empowered in her life and in her business.

I believe that you can be a great leader, but that doesn’t mean you have to be a perfect one. I love working with small business owners who know that they need to be a better leader for their business to thrive. And it’s not just about leading your business. It’s also about showing up different in your life. So many of the small business owners that I work with feel frustrated, isolated, and overwhelmed. It doesn’t need to be like that! Embracing your own leadership, understanding how you show up in the world, and stepping into what makes you special, and powerful, and real, will bring you the joy, fulfillment and confidence that you crave.

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