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Forrest Rhodes

Massage & Stone Therapy, Usui Reiki


Reiki Healing - Universal energy flows throughout our entire being via meridians, which extend into subtle energy fields reaching far past the boundaries of the physical body. Reiki cleanses theses channels of energy, balancing and re-harmonizing the body-mind-spirit connection.

A Reiki session is received by gentle hand placement along the body. You remain fully clothed while comfortably supported on a healing table.

Reiki Massage Therapy This effortless combination gently soothes the body, mind and spirit! Therapeutic massage uncovers deeply set physical tension, allowing Reiki to drawn out and discharged old tangled energies. This technique is perfect for lingering and unresolved issues.

Hot & Cold Stone Therapy This body-mind-spirit approach goes beyond a typical massage experience. Stone Therapy is a type of thermotherapy which allows the recipient to enter deeper dimensions of relaxation, health and well-being. The physiological benefits of applying alternating temperatures to the body have long been scientifically and medically proven.

Stone Therapy has been called “vascular gymnastics” as it improves immune system function and helps the body to self-heal. This modality relieves chronic & acute pain, migraine, inflammation, digestion problems, bodily toxins, energetic unbalance, stress and tension.

About Forrest Rhodes

Forrest is a Titan of Massage and Stone Therapy. 20+ years of experience speak for itself. His holistic approach incorporates energy work at every level, putting his results a step above the competition. Still a humble practitioner, Forrest never stops learning, always refining and eager to share.


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