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YOUR Yoga for YOUR Body! ANY size, shape, age, gender...this is Yoga for YOU! NO judgement, NO competition, NO Body-shaming.This is a class to bring you back to your Body, in Community, in a safe space of respect and caring.

SoulFull Yoga - Yoga to Honour and Celebrate YOUR Body! I call this form of yoga SoulFull because I want to acknowledge EVERY Body, no what matter size, shape, age or colour, as the PERFECT Body. This is yoga for each and every one of us who have felt that we can’t ‘do’ yoga, perhaps because we aren’t flexible or thin enough, because we were intimidated, scared to go alone, felt conspicuous, or ignored or dismissed in a class.

I believe that the practice of Yoga is for EVERY Body, that we all deserve to practice in a class that is inclusive, inviting, respectful, nurturing, safe, non-judgemental, non-competitive, gentle yet challenging, and above all, FUN!!!! I believe we all need to feel a sense of community, of belonging and kinship, and a place where we might forge new friendships. I feel the space we'll share is a place of understanding, to allow everyone to pursue their personal Journey.

THIS is my intention in bringing SoulFull Yoga to you!

About Abundant Bliss Yoga

My name is Tatjana Kozak, and I began practicing Yoga at the age of 39 (it’s NEVER too late to start!!) and it changed my life in so many ways, that I chose to enroll in a teacher-training program. THAT was an even more life-changing experience and in 2008, I became a 300 hour Certified Hatha Yoga instructor.

In the last few years, I became interested in adaptive yoga, so that I could practice in my own ‘ever-changing’ body and bring the practice of yoga to others, I became certified in Curvy Yoga and Yoga for Round Bodies. I am truly honoured to continue to learn from amazing, kind, knowledgeable teachers including Anna Guest-Jelly, Tiina Veer, Kate Potter, Michael Stone, Robin Golt, Nicole Marcia and many others over the years, with additional training in Trauma-senstive Yoga and Anusara-inspired Yoga.

I have also been thrilled to present at the Body Love Conference in Tucson, AZ. My passion and my sincerest intention, is to share SoulFull Yoga offerings.


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