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Nutritional Analysis and Natural Alternatives Blood, Typing and Live Blood Analysis, Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis, Healthy Water. EFT, Body Talk, Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, Colonic Hydro Therapy. Quality Chemical Free Supplements and Herbs. For more information go to our website https://truehealthcanada.ca/


What we Believe in and Promise You Our mission is to be the Okanagan’s most respected source of education for health. It is gratifying to share our extensive training and combined years of experience. We help people and animals with natural alternatives through nutritional analysis. The ‘True Health Canada’ clinic opened at the start of 2016.

A long, windy road has brought me to my destination of enjoyment, gratitude, and level of education that sits on a perpetual wheel of improvement. Building a healthy environment that supports development for the community and people, offering services that give you health options not available elsewhere.

Blood Typing and Live Blood Analysis and Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis for Animals and Humans. Registered Holistic Nutritionist - Offering food sourced organic supplements - Diet and Meal Plans based on Blood Type - Classroom / Education Classes - Healthy Water Demos. Other services offered: Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy, Body Talk, Animal Body Talk, Colon Hydrotherapy.

For more information go to our website https://truehealthcanada.ca/

About True Health Canada

Lorraine Andres RHNP TTrue Healh Canada. Founder and Certified Natural Microscopy Practitioner. A mother of four and many accomplishments, including a university level training in Equine psychology, nutrition, applied kinesiology, and rehabilitation. I am proud to reach the status of Registered Holistic Nutrition Practitioner, however, this was preceded by a Certification in Live and Dry Blood Analysis and Applied Nutritional Microscopy.


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