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Floatation Therapy


Welcome to Float Yaletown, a floatation spa where you can unplug from the rigours of society. Take a journey unlike any other in our state of the art sensory deprivation pods that provide guests with a relaxing space for self-reflection, introspection, and meditation.

A Float Pod is a large, enclosed, salt water bath designed to minimize sensory input to the brain. The water is ten inches deep with 900 lbs of epsom salt dissolved into it, making the water extremely buoyant and anyone will stay afloat. The climate inside the tank is harmonious with the bodies temperature, it is completely dark and silent so there is also nothing to see, hear, smell or taste. Lying in such a senseless environment for even a short period of time will give the user a vacation from their body, their stress, tension and their pain.

This environment will also allow the user to have a unique and intimate experience with themselves found nowhere else, it really transcends words. Balance is integral to healthy living. Floating helps to rebalance the imbalances that arise from day to day living both mentally and physically. Things become interesting when you turn off the outside world...

Benefits for the mindStress reliefImproves sleepEliminates fatigue & jet lagIncreases motivation & focusReduces anxiety & depressionEnergises, rejuvenates & revitalisesCreates mental clarityBenefits for the bodyRelaxes muscles & jointsImproves postureRelieves back & neck painEases arthritis & migrainesAids recovery from injuryReduces bloatingCalms and smoothes skin

About Float Yaletown

Please see details and instructions below: Offering $80 floats for $30. Call us at (604) 974-9131 or book online at www.floatyaletown.com under the "PRICING/BOOK" section, go to "SINGLE FLOAT $80" and BOOK NOW. Create an account and attach your credit card. Apply the promotion code wellness to get the 90 minute session for only $30!


Sunday 10 AM to MIDNIGHT
Monday 10 AM to MIDNIGHT
Tuesday CLOSED
Wednesday 10 AM to MIDNIGHT
Thursday 10 AM to MIDNIGHT
Friday 10 AM to MIDNIGHT
Saturday 10 AM to MIDNIGHT
Cancellation Policy
24 hours notice


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