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Stress is a natural part of life. However the habits we've created over our lifetime to deal with stress can often cause greater harm. This coaching 3-month coaching series offers 1:1 care on identifying the stressors in your life, the habits you've created and learning new tools and techniques to change your patterns. By responding vs reacting in daily life, you will learn how to manage the many stresses that surround you, and without taking on the physical effects that can harm our overall health.Our Re-Tune Program is designed specific to YOUR needs. With the support of a personal wellness coach, you will stay motivated and accountable with two monthly coaching sessions, and a personalized wellness routine that meets your personal lifestyle and wellness goals. We will design a holistic self-care daily ritual for you that will achieve removing the current stress, and begin to change the neuro-pathways of your brain to respond with greater calm and ease in daily life.We work to understand your personal health challenges (past and present) and help to re-tune you to live in your version of balance, and keep you accountable to meet your personal goals along the way.This coaching program provides guidance and support in overall well-being. Focusing on many areas of life that include: adopting positive lifestyle practices, managing stress, eating healthy, igniting and sustaining creative energy, and cultivating mindfulness for overall well-being, while keeping you accountable to transforming your life.Program includes:- 2 monthly sessions for 6 months- Programs and sequences focused on balancing your needs (physically, mentally, emotionally)- monthly recommended recipes for your balancing your needs

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