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Friday, October 29

2:00pm — 2:45pm (UTC)

Online Session

Healing Through Time

The Lighworker Healing Protocol: A divine tool for healing.

Lightworker Healing Protocol

Want to book instantly? Our one-click booking feature provides you with the best option.

Friday, October 29

2:00pm — 2:45pm (UTC)

Online Session

Learn about the Lightworker Healing Protocol by watching my free webinar: "The Lightworker Healing Protocol: A Divine Perspective on Healing."
We work with Source Creator and the Divine Realm to heal and bless people, pets, and physical locations. We pray for deceased loved ones to safely journey back to the Light.

All steps of the Protocol involve direct requests to Source Creator to address issues present in this lifetime which extends healing to all past and future lives as well as their extensions.

A clearing session can be requested for yourself, someone else, or a pet. We always ask permission from the client’s Higher Self to apply the Protocol on his or her behalf. Physical locations can also be added. Healing is performed remotely and in a meditative state.

The Divine Realm protects the work being done against any outside influence or interference throughout the entire session. Angels and guardians are also called in to perform healing.

Part I. Comprehensive Removal of Dark Spirit Attachments and All Negativity

We ask Creator, Archangel Azrael, and the Divine Realm to remove:

1. Negative Spirits, lost souls, lost soul hybrids, intermittent attackers, and foreign energy intruders
2. High and low levels psychic attacks, curses, spells, projections, and dark energies
3. Return all negative spirits to the light for healing and rehabilitation.
4. Safeguard the transition process of the client upon passing so he or she can return to the Light.
We request the dissolution of the following:

Oaths, vows, contracts, allegiances, promises, or agreements made in all-time domains with outside agents or the client(s) and themselves.
Negative karmic contracts
Negative cords, thought forms and free-floating memories
We return missing or extra soul fragments that may arise from past trauma.

Part II. Client Healing Requests:
  1. Balance the Seven Chakras: We fill them with Divine Light and align them for ideal energetic equilibrium in accordance with the Creator’s Plan.
  2. Quantum Healing: This tool is designed to correct problems throughout time. 
Quantum Healing can also bring new energetic well-being from the future and install it not only in this lifetime but throughout all parallel lives.

 We send a quantum bubble of love to the client’s unborn selves across all time domains as a source of unconditional love and nourishment. This request helps cushion the trauma of the newborn when he or she enters the Earth plane.

Soul Reawakening: We fill the soul with divine healing white light so it can return to a state of grace prior to disappointment and trauma.

Soul Matrix Healing: This complex and powerful tool takes into account the point of origin of client issues and the many sources of influencers. It includes healing of family members, people, the Akashic records, and other life forms that may have impacted the clients, including the perpetrators. The Divine Realm knows best the inter-dimensional roles played by each agent.

Soul Matrix Healing also includes:

1. Removal of any negative effects of medication, surgery, and invasive medical procedures.
2. Negative effects of electromagnetic fields, heavy metals, and other harmful substances found at toxic levels in the body.
3. Removal from the body of harmful viruses and other organisms.
4. Blessing of the air, food, and beverages.
5. Restoration of a healthy equilibrium in the body.
6. Creation of an ideal nutritional balance including removal of excess caloric intake.
7.  Restoration of the cells of the body to a natural state of homeostasis.

Part III: Install Divine Ultimate Protection Tools:

Request active protection from accidents and illness.
Repair karmic vulnerability.
Request the guides and your Higher Self to ward you off from energetic attacks.
Protect against detrimental subconscious programming.
Install an invisibility cloak to protect you from any outside attacks in the physical and astral plane. 

Part IV. Repair Request:

1) Repair of connection to Higher Self: allow unrestricted flow of love and light between the client and his or her Higher-self.

2) Repair and protection of the deep subconscious.

3) Repair deep subconscious and karmic issues.

4) Repair of thought plane, Akashic records, and the collective unconscious.

 Part V: Request Active Intervention on clients’ behalf and their issues.

A series of requests are made asking the spirit guides and guardians of the client to be proactive in this client’s lifetime. Requests are being made to help him or her heal their “shadow self” or any disconnections resulting from past traumas.

Part VI: Consult the Client’s Higher Self (optional)

Part VII: Heart Connection & Heart Harmonization (optional: upon client request).

The client can request to bring into loving balance a relationship with someone or a family member. 

Who Is This For:

You believe in Creator and the Divine Realm.
You would like to add a spiritual aspect to healing.
You suspect your current health conditions might be due to karma.
You have tried other forms of spiritual work but did not get complete resolutions of your issue(s).

Who Is This NOT For:

You expect instant results.
You plan to substitute spiritual & energetic work for medical or holistic care.
You are skeptical about remote healing.
You are not ready to partake in your own healing.

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