Heal Through Time


Heal Through Time

Certified Lightworker Healing Practitioner

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About Heal Through Time

We work with Source Creator and the Divine Realm to heal and bless people, pets, and physical locations. We pray for deceased loved ones to safely journey back to the Light.

All steps of the Protocol involve direct requests to Source Creator to address issues present in this lifetime which extends healing to all past and future lives as well as their extensions.

This clearing can be requested for yourself, someone else, or a pet. We always ask permission from the client’s Higher Self to apply the Protocol on his or her behalf. Physical locations can also be added.

Healing is performed remotely and in a meditative state. At all times, the Divine Realm protects the work being done against any outside influence or interference. Angels and guardians are also called in to perform healing.

Please, book a FREE 15-minute consultation before purchasing any services. A consent and disclaimer form will be sent to you before the first session.