About Creating Great Health

Bio-Energy Healing is a holistic gentle non-invasive treatment that focuses on bringing the body back to balance and perfect health. There is no use of medicine or other invasive techniques in the treatment; it is a purely natural and very relaxing treatment. Bio-Energy Healing works with the bio-field/aura that exists in and around our physical body. When there is stress in our lives it can create stagnant or blocked energy in our bio-field, which then creates illnesses in our body, resulting in physical, emotional or mental pain. Bio-Energy Healing works with specialized hand techniques to remove the stagnant energy from the bio-field. When the energy is flowing freely through the bio-field the body returns to health and health is the body’s natural state.

Emotional Cord Release - We create cords with different people when we meet, are in a relationship, family members and friends. Sometimes when a relationship ends, there is a family feud or argument between friends & these cords can cause a lot of pain both physically, spiritually and emotionally. When a cord cutting is done it can release that pain and also assist in a forgiveness process. The cord cutting allows us to reclaim our own energy and to move on with our life. Cord cutting is an amazing tool to help release any anger and resentment. It can be done if there has been a particular situation that caused pain or if there is a specific person that you wish to be released from emotionally and spiritually.

Life Activation is a modality that helps clear any debris that has been passed down from up to 7 generations back. It can be various health concerns, fears or anxieties that have been passed down the lineage. This can be patterns of illnesses, ailments, poverty consciousness etc. Life activation can assist the body and soul in clearing and releasing this information that doesn’t serve the client any more. The treatment brings greater clarity, more energy and more peace to the client and allows more light to enter the physical body to help create more positive thought patterns. It can assist in allowing us to reach our true potential and to follow our calling.

Removal of negative patterns Patterns are part of life and sometime we create them subconsciously which makes them challenging to release again. If we sometimes think negatively about others and maybe even curse at them, directly or indirectly, because they cut you off in traffic, behaved unfairly towards you or in other way caused you to become annoyed with them, that can turn into a negative pattern. We can also create negative patterns in ourselves by telling ourselves that we are not good enough, should have achieved a certain thing or shouldn’t have done this or that. When these negative patterns are first realized and then removed, we can once again feel free and have greater clarity in life.

Flower remedies The remedies are used in most treatments to assist the healing of each client. Often times a bottle of flower essences will be given to the client to take for a few weeks to support the healing process.