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About Barefoot Acupuncture Peterborough

Barefoot Acupuncture Peterborough clinic offers traditional Chinese medicine guidance and acupuncture therapy to assist people in improving and recovering their well-being and vitality. The clinic operates from a basis of compassion and non-judgement and combines ancient traditional wisdom with modern scientific research to provide a high level of care.

Treatments offered include acupuncture, moxibustion, auricular acupuncture (widely used for mental health conditions such as addictions and ptsd), facial acupuncture, hot stone therapy, Chinese food nutrition guidance and qi gong and movement recommendations.

Acupuncture is beneficial to so many conditions and is relatively non-invasive with almost no side effects, especially when compared to Western therapies.

Traditional Chinese medicine goes to the root causes of many symptoms in a way that allows people to address the key imbalance that may be manifesting as multiple issues. In helping clients to understand the patterns and that everything that is needed to heal the disease is within them, acupuncture is an empowering method for building a healthy, strong and vital self.