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About Lynn:A health wellness expert with over 20 years of experience, I formed a coaching and consulting business in 2016 and see private clients, and also work with people in the Corporate Environment, helping workplaces be healthier places.Serving as a member of the Board Of Directors of The Victoria Brain Injury Society, I’m grateful to serve my local community. Prior to that, I worked as a nurse and held positions with world-renowned hospitals and health departments. I even started Chiropractic College, in the year prior to my accident, but the accident cut that career short.I’m a long-time meditator, and Reiki Master and also hold a Master’s Degree from the University of Toronto.With experience in areas such as Psychiatry & Adolescent Medicine, Labour & Delivery, Emergency Sexual Assault Services and Population Health, I have a diversity that supports my clients in achieving any health and wellness goal.My Thesis research, Food Democracy & The Construction of Risk in The Canadian and U.K. Media, allowed me to dive deeply into my passion for environmental studies and education. Building a sustainable food system that protects our environment, sustains farmers, while also nourishing our families, involves a great deal of collaboration across many systems!My coach training is in the discipline of Strategic Intervention, taught by the Godfather of coaching, Tony Robbins, and Strategic Family Therapist Cloe Madanes. Each of these practitioners are held in high-regard in the areas of Personal Development, Human Motivation, and Human Cognition.I truly believe we all have a significant purpose in this life, and it’s my duty to help you believe in that same sense of belonging. There’s a great divinity that resides and guides us all, and when tapped-into, life can be so much more joyful.I work with my clients in an uplifting, honest, and authentic way to feel amazing after each session with me. I’m often called-upon to share my experiences in surviving a severe crash and near-death experience, which sets me apart from most coaches + consultants in my field.The most meaningful parts in my practice are the genuine moments I see my clients experience that breakthrough. I’m the guide, that’s all, and they start to understand the missing links, or clues, that have been there all along.I work hard to get my clients to tap into their own resources. That’s why we end our sessions together one-step closer to achieving something they want & designing a life plan that meets all their needs. I most cherish this personal connection!.

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