About ~ Mind | Body | Soul ~ well-being with Magdalena

~ Mind | Body | Soul ~ well-being with Magdalena

=> Master's Degree in Psychology
=> Certified Hypnotherapy Practitioner for Therapeutic Transformation
=> Master Life Coach

~ Hypnotherapy for Therapeutic Transformation & Modern Coaching Techniques for a Life of Resilience, Greatness & Abundance

Phone #: +1 (613) 619-0594 | Email: magdalena@mindbodysoulbeing.com

Hello and Welcome to my Page!
I am here for YOU!

My areas of expertise range from Basic Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), to Stress and Anxiety Reduction, PTSD / Trauma Intervention, Internal Body Voyage, Pain Management, Past Time Regression, and Future Time Progression, Weight Management, Anger Management, and dealing with all types of Addictions.

I have successful experience working with clients who are dealing with anxiety, low mood, compulsions, and unwanted habits (nail-biting, hair twisting and pulling, and others), weight management issues, self-esteem issues, eating disorders, smoking/vaping/shisha addiction, sex addiction and sexual trauma, alcohol addiction, sugar addiction, phobias (flying, driving, social interaction, and others), chronic pain and migraines, childhood trauma, adolescent trauma, adulthood trauma, anger management, stress management and relaxation issues, identity problems, performance anxiety (work, study, sports, public speaking), sleep disorders, and bereavement.

I also help people reach their highest potential and the best version of themselves using individualized multidisciplinary methods to fit and address the needs of each of my individual clients.

As your mentor, I work with you on the following:

M = Motivation, Meditation, Mindfulness
E = Emotional Support, Energy, Empathy
N = Navigating, Naturalistic, Nurture
T = Train of Thoughts, Therapeutic Transformation, Tactful Triumph
O = Objective, Opportunity, Oneness
R = Relaxation, Reflection, Revitalization

I work with you on step-by-step resolutions and techniques that will help you take control over any situation you find yourself in, and I give you one-on-one guidance and constant support.

Magdalena Daluna EA
~ Master of Arts in Psychology
~ Concentration: Educational Psychology
~ Certified Hypnotherapy Practitioner for Therapeutic Transformation
~ Master Life Coach
~ Qualified Educator & Mentor
~ In Constant Updated Learning & Improvement Mode
~ Light-worker

Cell: (613) 619-0594 | magdalena@mindbodysoulbeing.com