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Greg Swaine Support and Consulting

Psychological safety and Peer Support


I am a CMHA certified Psychological Safety Advisor and a NoStigmas trained Peer Supporter who offers both support and workplace psychological assessment sessions.

My goal is to provide 1 to 1 support in a comfortable environment where we cast aside titles and positions of authority and just chat about getting you onto the road to recovery.

Peer support is defined as "emotional and practical support between two people who share a common experience, such as a mental health challenge or illness. A Peer Supporter has lived through that similar experience, and is trained to support others."

I am an expert in finding people no to low-cost resources and finding you the professional help you need when you're ready for it. I am currently on the path to wellness through facing PTSD, addictions, and anxiety. I am comfortable sharing my story or just listening to yours.

My motto is, "we don't have to be close, to feel close."

About Greg Swaine Support and Consulting

In 2012, my life forever changed when I witnessed and tried to save the victims of a fatal motor vehicle accident involving a man and his wife on a motorcycle and a minivan.

Due to stigma and my fear of disclosing my mental health issues after the accident, I went four years with undiagnosed and untreated PTSD and relied on alcohol to get me through my days.

I now help both individuals and entire organizations understand mental health and addictions and how they can better support themselves and those in their circles.

My work in mental health has seen me lead the implementation of Canada's first Developmental Services Worker's mental health program. Which happened when the organization I work for implemented the National Standard of psychological health and safety in May of 2018. I also now sit on the Board Of Directors for NoStigmas Canada. Mental health nonprofit focusing on peer support and self-care.

Today I look to share my knowledge and experience with others and help them seek out their road to recovery and implement healthy workplace strategies of their own.

For a deeper look into my experience and how I handled my mental health, you can read my story here:
**Trigger warning: Death, Substance Abuse


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