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About Truest Reflections Counselling Services

A secure, comfortable place where your story is safe.
A place provided for you to be heard, not judged and where a truly intuitive person can assist you with sharing those hard moments that need healing. A trusting space for you to heal.

Reiki is a healing energy performed as a laying on of hands touch system.
It is not a diagnostic tool.

Reiki is to balance and align the body, mind and spirit.

The healing energy can provide the tools needed to fully heal yourself as well as your loved ones.

Reiki is a beautiful, gentle form of healing that uses Universal Life Force Energy to remove any blocks caused by physical, mental, emotional or spiritual distress. Once the blocks are removed the body can then heal itself naturally.

A Few Reiki Benefits
Reiki can aid in recovery from injuries
Reiki can promote general well-being; improving the immune system
Reiki can treat stress and help with insomnia
Reiki can relieve allergies and headaches
Reiki can sooth tight muscles and calm a busy mind.
Reiki can help induce a state of deep relaxation

A typical session is about 55 minutes. The client will lie on the massage table, be surrounded with peaceful and tranquil items such as water and plants. Therapeutic touch is infused into the session which enables people to re-pattern their energy toward wholeness and health.

I offer counselling sessions as well as a combined counselling session with Reiki.