About Bainbridge Island Specialty Nutrition

How can improved nutrition help you?
• Provide greater energy
• Increase capability to conquer everyday activities
• Increase physical activity abilities
• Effect a comfortable and healthy weight
• Decrease risk of nutrition related diseases
• Improve gut/microbiome comfort and overall quality of life

My sessions include:
• 60 minute virtual nutrition consultation
• Energy needs calculations
• Personalized meal plans based on these calculations and your preferences
• Recipe enhancements (healthier and/or gluten free)
• Grocery store shopping list
• Goal setting and accountability
• Weekly or bi-weekly follow-up and monitoring
• Coverage of specialty diets as needed. (diabetic, renal, cardiac, Mediterranean, Keto, Celiac, etc.)
• 24/7 availability via email

Years of experience have taught me that tackling everything at once is overwhelming and difficult to maintain long-term. We will work together to reach one goal at a time and realize lasting change!