About Body-Mind-Spirit Counselling

It is challenging being a human! Regardless of who you are, your religious views, your gender, your income—suffering, confusion and heartache are part of life.  However,  counselling can turn these difficulties into  opportunities for growth, healing, and transformation.With a Masters degree in Counselling Psychology, I work as a Registered Clinical Counsellor. My approach to therapy is Holistic because, true well being occurs when body, heart, mind  and spirit are integrated. I have a special interest in a holistic approach to depression and anxiety, and existential concerns.I am inspired to  cultivate  “unconditional positive regard” for my clients. Depending on the individual, and  their situation, I draw on a array of techniques such as narrative, solution-focused, cognitive behavioural, somatic and mindful based therapies.Mindfulness  informs my work.  Rather than being lost in a story, we can  pay attention to what is happening in the present moment. By slowing down and focusing on the here and now, a deeper level of truth arises.  It’s exciting that the  research on  mindfulness and neuroscience is burgeoning. Neuroplasticity, the brain’s ability to rewire itself, indicates that change is possible on any level, at any age, under any conditions.Cognitive Behavioural Therapy  is a natural complement to mindfulness practice. While mindfulness cultivates a non-reactive awareness of thoughts and emotions, Cognitive behavioural therapy addresses the content of our thoughts. It is often,  our distorted thinking  that creates suffering. When we can change our thinking pattern, we change our perception of ourselves and the world.I am fascinated by the body and it’s inherent wisdom. I have been teaching Yoga since 2001.  I am highly skilled at observing the body and what it is expressing.  As a Yoga therapist I use simple yogic practices to help manage anxiety and stress.  I’ve also been studying somatic work for years. Somatic work is extremely effective in dealing with trauma, regulating the nervous system and accessing other realms of deep knowing.I am also very passionate about Couples Counselling and the Emotionally Focused Therapy model developed by Sue Johnson.  It’s very inspiring to work with couples as they let their guard down, show vulnerability and move closer to authentic connection.For individuals wishing to transition gender, I provide hormone readiness assessments.It’s important to choose a counsellor that you feel comfortable with and trust. I offer a free 30-minute initial consultation..