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Vancouver TCMVancouver TCM provides Oriental Medicine therapy including acupuncture, Tuina (therapeutic massage), and Classic herbal Medicine, which specialized in diagnosis that could find out functional disorders missed by common lab tests. Over 20 years’ intensive clinical experience makes our practice help whoever in need of better wellness.We help spinal disorders, sports injury, stroke recovery and many internal ailments. Our clinic also specializes in TCM pediatrics, holistic spine care, TIA recovery, brain health, prenatal and postnatal health etc.Using specific Taoist Medical pulse diagnosis and palmistry reading, effective treatments will be targeted over key points.We also bring intensive experiences in women’s wellness, especially for menopause health.Our services of acupuncture and herbal remedy are covered by extended health insurances and MSP. Our over-counter herbal medicine services make TCM affordable to everybody.

About Vancouver TCM - Prof. Wen Chen

Founder of Vancouver TCM, Wen Chen is a Chinese Medicine Doctor registered in U.K. and China. He is a R.TCM.P in BC.Canada and the member of Canadian Association of Neuroscience.After graduation from the University of Chinese Medicine 20 years ago in China, he continued his quest for knowledge while practicing at a local TCM Hospital as internal medicine doctor under the guidance of renowned TCM professor Shouli Yue. During his intensive hospital practice, he gained profound clinical experience in both acupuncture and herbal medicine which allowed him to join the Chinese Acupuncture Association and become a professor of CATA (China Acupuncture &Tuina Association) and Oriental Medicine Academy.Practicing acupuncture, herbal medicine, and Tuina pointing therapy, his treatment focuses on spinal disorders, cardiac and stroke symptoms, and pediatric problems. When he was invited to practice Chinese medicine in England, he successfully treated many conditions such as arthritis, skin disease, menopause, PMS, and cardiac problems. He developed over 30 new Herbal formulas to solve local symptoms.The concept of prevention which is an important theory of Chinese medicine became his clinical focus when he came to the West. Wen Chen also would like to bring historical Taoist Classic Medicine to the West in order to adapt the ancient oriental medicine into new fields.There is a unique pediatric therapy in China called Pediatric Tuina, which dates back more than 300 years. Although this therapy is still practiced, there are few qualified practitioners left in China. In order to save this nearly extinct therapy, Master Chen compiled a book collecting all historical records about this art, introducing it to the West. Simply applying gentle manipulations to specific points on the left hand and arm can treat almost all common pediatric symptoms, without the use of any oral medication. Although pediatric Tuina is well known in China, it is a new concept to the Western family.


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