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About Danielle Bowersock Counselling Services

Looking For Relief from Anxiety? You feel stressed. You constantly fear what might go wrong. It’s difficult to function in your daily activities. You may be depressed. You can’t see a way out of your anxiety. Life seems flat. It lacks joy.

Counselling can provide lasting relief from chronic anxiety and depression.

I use the profound modality of Therapy called Reichian therapy. Reichian therapy is one of the first types of therapy that incorporated the role the body plays in psychological and emotional problems, as well as its role in healing.

The field of neuroscience now shows us how pain and suffering are rooted in our entire bodies, not just in our mind and feelings.

I offer Skype therapy sessions if you have to be away, or live outside of Vancouver. Skype sessions are convenient and just as effective as in-person sessions. They can help you save time travelling to come to see me.