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About Maggie Reigh

Suffering from anxiety, stress, personal turmoil, interrupted sleep or chronic pain; but unable to determine why? Your Subconscious Mind is holding onto all of your sufferings and recreating them which triggers the stress within you.
REST Therapy is a proven system that dissolves unhealthy subconscious patterns that are keeping you stressed while reinforcing your Innate Strength to deal with whatever arises. It has been compared by the American Health Magazine with other methods and has proven to have a faster recovery rate, transforming the way you live quickly and effectively.

REST Therapy will give you the tools needed to release emotional, mental and physical pain both that you can use daily. (See testimonials below) Different from traditional counselling, REST Therapy teaches you how to release the emotional/energetic charge trapped so your body can learn how to automatically relax while the physical healing is enhanced. It is a culmination of the most effective hypnotherapy techniques coupled with easy and effective emotional release tools such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), breathing practices, acupressure, and energy exercises. It is a hybrid of methodologies combined to create lasting, profound changes.

As you experience a whole new world unfolding REST Therapy will take you right to the root of the issue so you’ll be able to release the emotional charge from your body in a safe and guided experience. Then you can invite and empower your younger self to deal with the situation that triggered that initial response. Our aim is to free you from the conditioning that no longer serves you and to help you step into Being the Creator of your life. To release old fears, resentments, anger, and the feeling of powerlessness. You will discover how true Forgiveness sets you free and that it can come easily with the REST Therapy System.

So, let's talk and find out! We have a very high success rate in helping people to experience lasting peace, joy, and love in life. We offer a Free 1Hr Emotional Empowerment session that decide if this is the best fit for you and if not, we will do our best to refer you elsewhere.
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