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Life Coaching


We understand that sometimes in life, you feel unhappy, lonely and disappointed. This fact precisely is what has motivated us to put together our experience and professional skills and drag you out of your present state into a world, where you can feel happy, inspired and peaceful.

At Body and Mind Aligned, we use our unique skills and methods to design customized programs for our clients. Every individual is different and therefore we combine life coaching, yoga, meditation, alternative therapy, keeping your personal requirements and health condition in mind.

We serve our clients both in person as well as by offering online services via our office located in North Vancouver BC, Canada. Start your next adventure today! Join us and unleash your inner potential to lead a truly blissful, healthy and harmonious life!

About Body and Mind Aligned

Roya believes that a person’s mind and body require happiness and harmony to coexist.She has been a social worker, back home in Iran. She has worked with a lot people with different issues and difficulties. When moved to Canada, she faced a lot of unexpected problems herself.

Roya, who is a Life Coach Master, Advanced Yoga, and Meditation Instructor as well as an Ayurvedic Product Specialist, and Alternative Therapist has been through many challenges in her life. These obstacles and challenges shaped her as a strong individual and inspired her to overcome her fears and worries. She resolved to acquire different skills to beat anxiety and frustration and emerge as a real winner.Her experiences as a social worker as well as her newly acquired skills prompted her to find her own method of leading a healthy and happy life that called Body and Mind Aligned.


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