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About Serenity Now Wellness Centre

BCST (Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy) is a hands on light touch therapy that works with the body’s natural rhythms of self regulation and healing. At the heart of craniosacral touch there is a state of being present. Biodynamics focuses on unfolding our innate health to reestablish a balance mentally, physically and emotionally.

Through the neutral listening presence of the practitioner, healthy expression and reorganization of the bodies tissues and fluids are supported. BCST is effective and gentle in its influence balancing the central nervous system and supports all systems of the body from the core. Supporting and nurturing a felt-sense relationship with the wisdom that is the human physiology is a powerfully profound, yet gentle way to work with trauma. This creates a container for clients to come into a healthy resourced state.

BCST therapy is deeply supportive in balancing the nervous system. Trauma and the daily stresses of life can cause imbalances and taxation within our ANS and our bodies continually run in fight, flight or frozen states. This therapy helps to slow things down, create a deep relaxation, self repair and connection to our body. As this vital system comes back into a homeostatic balance and function better all aspects of life begin to feel more peaceful and at ease.

After moving through a series of treatments, clients report coming into a better relationship with sleep, digestions, pain management, mental clarity, direction, purpose and focus as well as feeling more energized and resilient.