About Jesse.J.Niall

What is it I do as an addictions advisor? I guide and counsel people struggling to find direction. I teach life enhancing tools towards managing thoughts, feelings and behaviors. If there is counseling that needs to be done, I can do that under the umbrella of my certified mentor. I know the steps for you to be successful. I believe what is missing in our current system is a well rounded non biased approach to embracing multiple pathways customized for the individual.

I remember what it was like in my early recovery, I was very lost and did not know where to start! So what will my service do for you? I offer guidance and support in the somewhat stagnant world of recovery! I think outside the box with your best interest! I want you to succeed! The tools that I teach are not limited to addictions; I can work with relationships, motivation and struggles with mental health.

My service is primarily for all addictive behaviors like alcohol, substances, gambling, overeating etc. I also advise or coach friends and family of people suffering with harmful addictions! And the best part about all of this is that once you become a member of The Q you automatically get a 15% discount any of my services. No need to go thousands of dollars in debt!

This is why I do this because I want to be the person so many never had! I want to fill the gaps so people stop falling through the cracks! There is no scheme or catch to this I simply want to help! I want to see your success, and I do not want you to go broke in the process! Please contact me today and we can start building your personalized recovery journey!