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What is recovery coaching? A recovery coach helps direct your addictions recovery journey. I believe what is missing in our current system is a well rounded non biased approach to embracing multiple pathways customized for the individual. I remember what it was like in my early recovery, I was very lost and did not know where to start! So what will my service do for you? I offer guidance and support in the somewhat stagnant world of recovery! I think outside the box with your best interest! I want you to succeed! My service is for all addictive behaviours like alcohol,substances, gambling, overeating etc. I also advise or coach friends and family of people suffering with harmful addictions! And the best part about all of this is that once you become a member of The Q you automatically get a 25% discount on my one time services or you can apply for funding on the full coaching package. No need to go thousands of dollars in debt! This is why I do this because I want to be the person so many never had! I want to fill the gaps so people stop falling through the cracks! There is no scheme or catch to this I simply want to help! I want to see your success, and I do not want you to go broke in the process! Please contact me today and we can start building your personalized recovery journey!

About Awakenings

My name is Jesse Niall, I have a fifteen year history of previous drug and alcohol abuse. I am now two and a half years free from alcohol and substances. My recovery journey has been very challenging and traumatic in many ways. I want to help people streamline their recovery proccess using mine and a network of inviduals experience. I am experienced with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy as a facilitator for S.M.A.R.T Recovery. Also I advocate strongly for multiple pathways in recovery, along with a solid belief in spiritual and holistic approachs. My passion is finding new, unique and open minded tools to help people! Also I grew up with very little money, and found myself with no finances at all when I hit a rock bottom. So expensive treatment centers were not an option. But I did succeed without breaking the bank, and now I need to help people who are struggling to do the same! Today I am becoming a well rounded person who embraces, science, spirituality, health, family, relationships and a passionate love for life!


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