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Julia Day CranioSacral & Body-Mind Therapies

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Sessions are professional, safe and deeply honor each client's personal path and orientation. They naturally facilitate access to greater health, joy, self-esteem, laughter, structural alignment and spiritual clarity.

Some specific modalities may include: craniosacral therapy, somato emotional release, visceral manipulation, myo-fascial unwinding, lymph drainage therapy, esoteric healing, sound healing, therapeutic dialogue & imagery; Inner child, masculine, feminine & sub-personality integration; past lives, dream work, chakra clearing, grounded meditation, inner guidance, expressive movement and spiritual counselling, but mainly; a pure natural light-heartedness that helps us to align with our own true Self where we will find all the wisdom and love we could ever need to guide us through life's challenges and transitions from birth through death.

I am also honoured to serve as a spiritual death doula and I also love working with all kinds of animals, but especially dogs, and with infants, children and teenagers. Skype long-distance sessions are a powerful option for energy/awareness/alignment/embodiment-focused sessions.

About Julia Day CranioSacral & Body-Mind Therapies

Combined with advanced training and diplomate certification in CranioSacral Therapy & Somato-Emotional Release, my sessions are grounded in non-dual spiritual Embodiment teachings, which began for me in 1996, with an 8 year professional training in (soul-directed) Advanced Energy Healing.

Spiritual embodiment aligns us with our Inner Wisdom through our energy anatomy via our inner vertical axis, chakras, fields of consciousness and the grounded universal Heart. It encourages the unconditional love, light and wisdom of our unchanging eternal nature to anchor into our 'me' consciousness; transforming our human challenges into transcendent opportunities to experience greater enlightenment, peace and unity awareness in place of pain, blame, fear, separation and suffering.

Cranial Sacral Therapy dovetails perfectly with spiritual embodiment as it soothes, revitalizes and recalibrates our central nervous system, deep in our core, by blending with the tissues & cerebral-spinal fluid that flows through the center of our being. Somato Emotional Release occurs when 'energy cysts' or matrixes, containing stored emotional & mental content gently and gracefully release after years, decades, and lifetimes, of restriction and unconscious fear.

Cranial Sacral Therapy is highly effective for release from: chronic pain, migraines, learning disabilities, autism; shock, accidents; birth, dental, physical & emotional traumas; anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue; ear & sinus infections; infant developmental delay, colic & other childhood concerns; end-of-life, motor vehicle accidents, scoliosis, vertigo, asthma, TMJ, arthritis, brain & spinal injuries; insomnia, toxicity, seizure disorders, tinitus, PTSD, conflicted mental/emotional states, and just about everything imaginable. It encourages all systems in the body/mind to soften & gently expand with graceful ease and increased awareness.

As a Diplomate-certified CranioSacral therapist (the only diplomate-certified therapist in BC as of June 2018), I have completed the most advanced levels of training offered in CST/SER curriculum through the Upledger Institute, where I am also a certified Teaching Assistant, ShareCare provider & Study Group leader. I began taking courses with Upledger in early 1997 and, most recently, I have branched into combining CranioSacral unwinding with Chinese meridians. I also teach 1-day Introductions to CranioSacral/Somato-Release designed for either health professionals, or lay-people.

In addition, I host 3-day Embodiment-based retreats & weekly non-dual meditations and satsangs aimed at lovingly recognizing the ever-present choice for quantum healing, divine alignment and deep resting in inner peace. I have numerous upcoming workshops and retreats on-going, including CRANIOSACRAL Introductions. Please email me for up-to-date information.


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