About TMJ Wellness Center

We activate programs in the "JUNK DNA" to accelerate the healing and repair process. Watch cartilage regrow before your eyes.
I developed a cutting edge technique for rapidly repairing ligaments tendons, and cartilage issues in joints, without the need for any invasive surgeries or dental appliances.

Most conditions can be fixed in three sessions. TMJ disorders can cause many body JOINTS to become inflamed and painful. Unfortunately many health care practitioners miss the TMJ connection as the source of the pain. Pains and aggravations are eliminated once the disorder is fixed.

Fixing the clients TMJ "CORRECTLY" will ALLEVIATE a host of other misalignments, body balance, and pain issues they are having. What you will feel after the Session

FIRST THING - a miraculous ability to move the affected joint more freely. Many people have the experience of desiring rest after a session.
One of my clients had an extraordinary experience. After arriving home from his first session, he was out for 24 hours, which was a welcome experience to him. Because of a neck pain disorder, he had not been able to go to sleep without drugs for over 6 years.

So let yourself embrace this part of the shifting process. It is a very important part. The body requires quality down time for repairing itself.