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Woodward Phyto Therapy

Medical Herbalist/Phyto Therapy


Herbs bring people together in such beautiful ways! Two years after graduating, I joined the staff as a dispensary supervisor. The following year, I became a faculty member at Pacific Rim College; teaching observation, supervised & independent clinic, Professional Writing Development, and Materia Medica of Mushrooms. It's an amazing place to work and an honor to work along side such talented healers and teachers.

In 2015, I opened Woodward Phytotherapy- a small clinic located on the peninsula nestled between the ocean and the rain forest in beautiful Brentwood Bay. The office is a separate building on our property, created specifically for my herbal medicine practice, with easy access via the side-driveway.

Herbal medicine calls its practitioners with a request: to heal oneself. In healing ourselves we discover the process and nuances of healing. This process helps us develop our intuitive senses and personal body/sense awareness. Then, as we move out into the world to heal others, there is a sense that our learning is ever present and our work is always evolving.

We are healers, we are teachers, we are advocates for health. This is my path and I’m very excited to share my knowledge and understanding with my patients.

About Woodward Phyto Therapy

A great deal of my time is spent researching whatever interests me...which is a lot! The world is a fascinating place! Whether it's the latest research on dietary causes of disease or a philosophical conundrum like how to define consciousness, I'm in tireless pursuit to understand the great mystery that surrounds me. In the process, I've fed my veracious mental appetite with a tremendous amount of wonderful wisdom nuggets and tantalizing tidbits of information.

A friend once asked, "Why gather all this information unless you're going to do something with it?". This is the question that stirred me to action. I'm incredibly passionate about sharing the wisdom I've gathered. I hope one day I can share with you! Areas of interest include: Medicinal mushrooms (I.D, cultivation, uses & benefits) Herbal medicine (clinical practice, formulation, uses & benefits) Consciousness (entheogens, spiritual practice, spontaneous kundalini experiences, esoteric philosophy)


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