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Stefanie Miska

Acupuncturist Herbalist Health Coach


Menstrual Problems/Menstrual issues that may be reduced or eliminated by TCM treatment include:
Acne, Amenorrhea – no menses, Anovulation – no ovulation Cycle irregularities – too long or short, Breast swelling and tenderness, Dysmenorrhea – painful cramps, Fatigue, Headaches and migraines, Heavy bleeding, PMS and mood difficulty. Spotting outside of your menstrual flow – prior, post or mid-cycle, Vaginal discharge problems and yeast infections.

Menopause - Some of the menopausal symptoms that are effectively treated by TCM include:
Hot flashes, Night sweats, Insomnia, Headaches, Poor concentration and memory Emotional difficulty – feeling anxious, ‘short-fused’, depressed, Menstrual irregularities – heavy periods, frequent spotting, Low libido and vaginal dryness

About Stefanie Miska

My practice is focused on... Digestive Health (irritable bowel) Gynecology (reproductive health, menstrual cycle problems) Women’s Health Anxiety & Depression


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