About BayVan Clinic - Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine

Patients choose BayVan. We don’t choose patient. Our clinic welcomes all patients with various kinds of disorders as mild as common cold as severe as CHD. Like many other acupuncture clinic, we treat pain syndromes, depression and insomnia.

We are also specialized in treating gynaecological disorders and dermatological disorders. Patients with cancer and under chemotherapy and radiotherapy will get benefit from our acupuncture and herbal remedies which can boost immunity and help to control symptoms.

We make diagnosis, predict prognosis and evaluate treatment effect through philosophies of both Chinese medicine and Western medicine. We treat a broad range of diseases, chronic and acute, mild and severe, simple and complicated, with approaches of acupuncture: general body acupuncture, electronic and laser acupuncture, cupping, gua, sha, tuina, etc, and Chinese herbal medicines: traditional dry herbs, modern granules, patent herbs, tinctures, etc.