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About Animalia Healing

Animal Communication - Giving a Voice to your Animals

Animal communication is a gateway to better understanding and a deepening of your partnership with your pet. By giving your pet a voice, you establish two way communication; allowing you to discover general information, their physical health (pain/injury) and their emotional state. It can also be used to negotiate and or resolve behavioural issues, relay important changes or messages, and can also help a lost pet.

Cheryl communicates directly with the animal; giving them a voice and an opportunity to express themselves. Animals communicate using telepathy. Through pictures, words and feelings/sensations, Cheryl is able to receive, translate and relay information received from your pet, to you directly.

In your follow up call; she will provide you with valuable insights from your pet including detailed information that will confirm her connection with your pet. Energy Healing Alternative Healing for your Pet's Health Energy healing has been used as an alternative therapy around the world for centuries and is now being used to help animals.

Energy healing is a safe, non-evasive healing that stimulates the immune system, engaging an animals self healing mechanism to improve and maintain their physical and emotional health.

If your pet is suffering; energy healing can assist them with pain management, anxiety, emotional trauma, grief, allergies, accelerate recovery times from surgery, lethargy, skin conditions and or digestive issues. Regular energy sessions keeps your animals healthy, happy and well balanced.