About Arukah Counselling

Counselling Services Telephone or Skype Counselling Sessions - Lower priced Telephone or Skype Counselling Sessions are offered, please inquire with us for more details. 
Individual Counselling - Respectful, client-centered approach.  May include goal-setting or be more exploratory.  Blend of approaches related to particular client needs  
Family Counselling - Involves two or more individuals that consider themselves family.  Takes a respectful, family-systems approach, with an emphasis on individual and collective safety  
Couples Counselling - Includes a blend of counselling approaches, tailored to the particular needs of the couple.  We may follow a respectful Gottman Method Couples Therapy  
Parenting and Step-families - Respectful, strengths-based, and non-judgmental approach to parenting and step-coupling or step-parenting work.  A blend of parenting approaches and strategies to create re-connection, more effective boundaries, and to examine types of family and parenting styles.  Parenting after separation, parental alienation issues, Family Law Act  
Child and Adolescent Counselling - Child counselling incorporates a blend of play therapeutic approaches, psychoeducational work, and behavioural aspects.  Respectful, non-judgmental, and relevant to teens.  Provide a safe, child and teen led environment to begin in order to build relationship, essential to the counselling work.  
Trauma Counselling - 10 years of trauma-informed, specialized trauma training and counselling.  Certified Trauma Specialist, Bessel Van der Kolk approach, (www.pesi.com) Work with complex trauma and resulting impacts to well-being
LGBTQ Counselling - Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, and Queer counselling.  LGBTQ families, parenting and advocacy, sexual identity; health; and support